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The Russian invasion in Ukraine has caused
the fastest and largest population displacement since World War II

For almost every second of the ongoing war, a child becomes a refugee. People were fleeing the war zones, bombardments, occupation taking only basic with them


the town in a Western Ukraine

Was perceived as a safe haven.
Its population has doubled since the beginning of the war.

Schools, sport venues are fully occupied by the displaced people, 90% of whom are mothers with children.

Thousands of individuals like you and me have no access to clean water, nourishment, showers, etc.

+10,000 children

What exactly
is needed?


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Basic comfort

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Resilience Tent Camp

Tent Camp

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Total Goal

$ 5,000,000

We are in progress…

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I’m Gennady Polonsky,

former senior academic and management development consultant.

Last 10 years I have lived in Uzhgorod with my wife Yaroslava and our two small daughters.
When on 24th February the war started, we decided to stay and help the country and its people as much as we could.
And we did. However, the increasing number of displaced people, mostly women and children, made me realize that more efforts are needed if we want to really help them.
So with my wife, we created a charity fund_ registered in Ukraine. The fund is supported by a large number of world-known speakers, trainers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. They are also my friends and colleagues.

My mission as well as the mission of the fund is to help the country, mothers, and displaced children.

By your kind donation, we can provide a brighter future for the children who need us now, more than ever.”

Dr. Gennady Polonsky,
CEO, and Founder of the Send Love to Ukraine.

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Fedinca St., 47, Uzhgorod
88000, Ukraine
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Do you know it costs about 7$ per day for 1 child to have two or three sufficient meals? And it is essential for a child to eat cereals, vegetables, fruits, and proteins on a daily basis. Those products help maintain body and brain activity good enough for studying purposes.

So, our first goal is to provide 10 000 Ukrainian
children, who suffer because of the war, with food.
And to do so even for just 2 weeks we need to raise 1 000 000$.
And that is just at least.

If you choose this option, you will have an opportunity to help Ukrainian children with their basic food needs. Isn’t it a feat of the resilient one?

Basic comfort

Refugee camps provide Ukrainians,
who lost their homes, with basic
things for a living, for example,
bedding items, towels,
washing, shower, cooking, etc.

The table shows approximate
calculations per 10,000 children:

If you choose this option, you will have an opportunity to help Ukrainian children with their basic comfort needs. Isn’t it a feat of the resilient one?

Resilience Camp

Those children, who lost their homes, require a place to grow, study, and self-develop even in tough times like now.
So, we created a concept of a tent camping called Resilience Camp.

If we manage to raise enough money, we plan to open the
camp for Ukrainian children from the middle of this summer.

We will offer to each child a
free program including:

Life in a tent camping in the bosom of Carpathian nature

Non-formal education, training, discussions with renowned leaders and experts, who will show their personal examples of being resilient

English-speaking environment, daily English language classes (differentiated study process taking into account levels of English language acquisition)

Training from masters of sports (swimming, pioneer ball, volleyball, running, etc.)

Regular activities like games, clay modeling, painting, etc.

Bike trips to fields, forests, farms, and nearest settlements (to do shopping or just for fun)

Rowing in kayaks and boats with swing oars

Kitchen with a wood-burning stove, professional chef who will cook freshly caught fish and fresh products from the nearby village

Bonfire on a river shore, night songs, and talks

Archery and pistol shooting

And each piece of equipment, which the campers may use
(tents, slides, showers, pavilions, etc.), they will settle
themselves alongside their parents. That will help make
their family relations more resilient to times of uncertainty.
If you choose this option, you will have an
opportunity to make Ukrainian children, who suffered
because of the war, happy. Thus, you will invest in
somebody’s future. Isn’t it a feat of the resilient one?